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Farewell Old Site. Hello New!

Posted on Mar 1, 2013 | 6 comments

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It is with bittersweetness that I say a hearty farewell to my old web site. Mind you, I do not share the bitter part with some friends of mine. For instance, my good friend (and sensational author) Sara Zarr remarked that it looked like I created it on Angelfire in the ’90s. Perhaps it was the heavy use of black. Perhaps it was the copious Kurt Cobain references. I don’t know.

I do know that it was painstaking work for this non-web-designer to figure out how to make the little buttons change colors when one rolled over them. And that coffee ring stain was cutting edge at the time of its creation! I swear!

Nevertheless, I have heard the cries that the site was seen and found wanting. This is my attempt to bring into the 21st century. I hope to also interact with some frequency with you, my reader(s). Hence, the blog!

What will this blog be about? That, dear reader, is the adventure on which we are embarking! I have ideas. Lots of ideas. Which ideas I shall see to fruition is the little game of chance I am asking you to join me in playing.

We’re off!


  1. This makes me sound almost cruel. The old site really was a triumph of the will for its time. (And thanks for the shout-out.)

  2. Mark-

    Enjoyed golfing with you today, even though both of us missed some shots. Sorry you didn’t make that putt on number 7.

    I would enjoy golfing with you again.

    Best Wishes with your work !!!

    John Ballou

  3. You are often a retro guy, so I think you need to switch the site back, and I mean immediately. Like right now.

    There is nothing wrong with Angelfire, and on a related note, we could all benefit if we still used AOL. I used AOL with Maggie and Suzie many times.

    • hi

  4. This book is cool and i really like it.

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